Promoting The Arts In Mitchell And Yancey Counties Since 1976

Lost At Lunday

By Aldina Rodrigues Nash-Hampe
50 years of paintings never before shown in public.

June 29 – July 27
Reception:  July 12, 5:00-7:00pm

Jazz Brunch & Benefit Auction

Join us Saturday, July 13th, 11:00am-2:00pm for warm conversations, good food and music, and a silent auction.

Tickets in advance: $15 members, $20 non-members
$25 at the door

Artist Opportunities

We are now accepting applications for the Toe River Arts Juried Exhibit!
Deadline to apply is August 10th

Burnsville Gallery/Gift Shop

PO Box 882, 102 W Main St
Burnsville, NC 28714

Spruce Pine Gallery/Gift Shop

PO Box 826, 269 Oak Ave
Spruce Pine NC 28777

Galleries & Giftshop Hours
10:30AM TO 5:00PM
Tuesday – Saturday

Since 1976, Toe River Arts has been working to connect the arts and the community. Toe River Arts is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people who live in this region through arts-related experiences and education. We are proud of our work in the schools, with the artists, for our residents and for those who may just be passing through. Studies show that we learn through hands-on enterprises, whether in school or out, 8 or 80. Toe River Arts creates realities out of those possibilities.

smART Community – Burnsville Gateway Project

Our goal is to get the first telescope in the ground in the spring. DOT will be putting in the landscaping and Burnsville will be aglow with new color.

Burnsville’s Gateway project is a key part of the NC Arts Council’s SmART Community focusing on arts-driven economic development strategies to build stronger economies and communities. The proposed artwork will showcase the work of local resident, regional, and national artists that will tell the story of the city. To learn more >

Pictured above is one tier of the tower. They are all getting rearranged by designer and artist, Jack Mackie.

Phase I of the Burnsville SmART Public Art Plan began with glass artists—Rob Levin, Kenny Pieper, David and Hayden Wilson, and Courtney Dodd. Take a few moments and watch Chanse Simpson’s videos—Part I Part II.  Your support has helped to make this initial “burst” of color happen. Please continue by clicking below.


Include your name, address, phone, and email. We’ll keep you informed.

The work of the Toe River Arts Council is made possible through support from:

                    eda                        waanc           Print         BRNHAshield_72    


And from John & Robyn Horn Foundation, Samuel L. Phillips Foundation, Blumenthal Foundation, Mountain Air Residents Community Fund, Young & McQueen, A.J. Fletcher Foundation, Wayne C. Henderson Festival, and the Towns of Burnsville and Spruce Pine.

Also, we thank those patron/members and their businesses that continue to be major supporters of the arts council.

Diane Alexander, Dean & Nancy Allison,  Chee & Sherry Ammen, Nealy Andrews, Thomas Bell, Lucinda Brogden, Carolina Mountains Literary Festival, Sarah Clague, Linda E. Connolly, Elise Delfield, Nick Fruin & Courtney Dodd, Sondra Dorn, Rhonda  & Mark Evan, Kit Fisher, Pat W. Gaines, Amy Goldstein-Rice, Kereloy & Bruce Greene, George & Patty Bennett, Sally & Judson Guerard, Robert Johnson, O.O.A.K. Art Gallery, Toe River Craftsmen,  Inc., Boone Concrete Supply,  Inc., MICA Gallery, Unimin Corporation, Su Griggs Allen, Zoe Allison, Garold Amsberry, Stanley Andersen, Timothy Jaqua & Paul Anthony, Jill Austin, Ellis  & Barbara Aycock, Joy Tanner & William Baker, Lynda Banner, Sharron Barnes, Brette & Daniel Barron, Don & Doris Baucom, Marie  & Stan Beach, Rick & Valerie Beck, Rob Heffron & Robbie Bell, Linda  & Mark Bellino, Joy Bennet, H. Allen Benowitz, William & Katherine Bernstein, Florence & Wayne Berryhill, Jonathan Lee Biller, Stanley & Roberta Black, John Hartom & Lisa Blackburn, Anita Blackwell, Chuck Young & Deana Blanchard, Peter & Dorothy Bobbe, Norman Rabek & Joy Boothe, Dianne Borde-Sutherland, Barbara & Lew Boyles, Robert & Sharon Bradshaw, Pam Brewer, Cynthia Bringle, Edwina Bringle, Cheryl Craigie  & John Britt, Hal & Kathryn Brown, Larry Brown, Simona Rosasco & JJ Brown, William & Liz Brown, Thor  & Jennifer Bueno, Steve Buettner, Jennie Boyd Bull, Debra Carpenter, Anne Castro, Lisa Clague, Theresa Coletta, Dorothy & Clyde Collins, Anita Connelly, David Cort, Judy Crouch, Richie Crowder, Cherie Turner & Robert Crum, Miguel Cruz, Paige Davis, Arthur Morgan School, Barbara Deschenes, Debbie  & John Dickinson, Warren & Diane Edwards, Becky Plummer & Jon Ellebogen, John & Linda Elsegood, Laurel Eris, Kevin O’Key & Aila Erman, David & Yvonne Evans, Cass Faller, Susan Feagin, Mike  & Betsy Fleenor, John & Pat Ford, Bridget Fox, Craig Franz, Ron & Jane Frazier, Susan Garriques, Courtney Martin  & John Geci, Carmen Grier & Terry Gess, Ken & Lori Gilcrist, Charles & Becky Gillespie,  Jr., Lisa Gluckin, Jon Bohannon-Goldman, Jane Goldthwait, Joel & Patricia Gottlieb, Louise Grange, Richard Kennedy & Becky Gray, Louise  & Rob Grenell, Kate Groff, Marguerite Gusdon, Howell & Beverly Hammond, Warren Harding, Ian Henderson, Jill Howell, Ann Hawthorne, Karen Head, Linda Helgason, Ellen Hensley, Rolf & Diane Holmquist, Sarah Holt, Stephen  & Carole Honeycut, Kathy & Mike House, Kevin Freeman & Sarah House, Naomi Dalglish & Michael Hunt, In Tandem Gallery, Shawn Ireland, Tom Jaszczak, Lisa Joerling, Nick Joerling, Forrest Johnson, Joyce & Gilbert Johnson, Michael Jones, Jemison Klein, Stacey Lane & Michael Kline, Beth Kokol, Walter & Thanna Kulash, Lori Ann LaBerge, Delphia Lamberson, John Lara, Susan & David Larson, Jerry Leaders, Conrad Leavitt, Gordon Shurtleff & Nancy Leggett, Anne Lemanski, Hannah Levin, Rob Levin, Holly & Hal Levinson, David & Cindy Lindsey, Buzz Coren & Debbie Littledeer, Laurel Lovrek, Dotty Morgan & Paul Lundquist, Kathryn Lynch, Susan Maclean, Tim Clark & Linda MacMichael, Jeannine Marchand, Mike Hayes & Amber Marshall, Robin Martindale, Dennis & Tina Matelski, Lisa & David Mauney, George Nero & Katherine McCarty, Susan McChesney, Johnny Dean McCurry, Alice Reynolds & Lee McDaniel, Susan McDaniel, Cindy McEnery, Linda McFarling, Patty & David McIntosh, S Lindsay & K McLaughlin, Tom Spleth & Jean McLaughin, Treva McLean, Lynn McLure, Marilyn McVicker, Pete & Kim McWhirter, Judy Meek, Mica Gallery, Cindy & Bob Michaud, Barbara Middleton, Barbara & Bill Miller, Kate Miller, Robert & Karen Miller, Pat Turner Mitchell, John Moore, Eugene Morgan, Jenifer Morgan, Betsy & Dick Morrill, Tori Motyl, Dean  & Shelley Myers, Bill & Kitzi (Leslye) Nagle, Chris Nash, Linda Oubre, J.R.  & Kristen Page, John Page, Andy Palmer, Penland Gallery & Visitors Center, Martha Perry, Gaylene Petcu, Meg Peterson, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Ben  & Brywn Phillips, Kenny Pieper, Teresa Pietsch, Carl Powell, Harriet & Gilbert Powell, Linda Powell, Ron & Minnie Powell, Neil Prime, IlaSahai Prouty, Nancy & Randy Raskin, Melanie Restall, John Richards & Claudia Dunaway, Constance Schulze & Neil Richter, Carolyn & Jack Riley, Teresa Roberts, Kathryn & Charles Rose, Patricia Ross, Kay  & Ron Royer, Shannon Runquist, Michael & Ruth Rutkowsky, Walter & Ann Savage, Jerry & Marilyn Scarborough, Charles Bierbauer & Susanne Schafer, Daniele Schmechel, Valerie & Joe Schnaufer, Gloria Schulman, Barbara & Don Scott, Galen Sedberry, Ken Sedberry, Cynthia H. Sexton, Linda Sharpless, Jenny Lou Sherburne, Corrine Shilling, Jean Shotall, Bill & Gail Silkstone, J. Ardell Sink, Ronald Slagle, Charlie Smith, Gay Smith, Judy Smith, Linda Sollars, Brenda Sparks, Shirley Ann Sparr, Martin Stankus, Greg & Meri Stella, Dolly Stogner, David & Fran Strawn, Christine & Mark Strom, Cassandra Styles, Billie Ruth & Doug Sudduth, Liz & Scott Summerfield, Bill & Lisi Szymczyk, Amanda & Lance Taylor, David & Ann Thayer, Pat Thibodeaux, Jacquie Thurston, Yaffa & Jeff Todd, Dr. Taylor  & Stephanie Townsend, C.R.” Pap Pap” Troxell, Kat Turczyn, Tria Turrou, Karen Wylie & Tim Tyndall, Linda Vesely, Don & Karen Walker, Amy Waller, William Wanezek, James Waters & Robin Warden, Virginia Wearn, Mary Ruth Webb, William & Sherry Weeks, Kathy Weisfeld, Jann Welch, Armin & Renee Wessel, Elizabeth & Chris Westveer, Jeanne Wettlaufer, Peter & Susan Whitington, Sherrill Whitson, Dina & Mark Wilde-Ramsing, Nancy Roth & Bill Wilkes, Mike & Michele Williams, Yardy & Barbara Williams, Matt Willig,  Loretta Forde & David Wilson,  Alston Osgood Wolf,  Peter Maneck & deJarnette Wood,  Scott Woody,  Kay & Steve Workman,  David Westmeier,  Joyce Hones & Mark Woodham,  Kimberly Young,  Mary Ellis  & Jim Young,




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