Below is a listing of the participating artists and galleries with websites and images (where available). 
Names are arrange geographically—Bakersville, Burnsville, Celo, Penland, Spruce Pine.



1 Stanley Mace Anderson Andersen Pottery
4 William Baker Wood Song Pottery
4 Joy Tanner Wood Song Pottery
6 Robbie Bell Speckled Dog Pottery
6 Susan Feagin Susan Feagin Ceramics
13 JJ Brown/Simona Rosasco Fyreglas
21 Sage Morgan  
21 David Westmeier David on the Corner
24 Nita Forde  
24 John Geci Geci/Martin Studios
24 Courtney Martin Geci/Martin Studios
25 Carmen Grier Carmen Grier Textiles
25 Terry Gess Terry Gess Pottery
 25 Sondra Dorn  Sondra Dorn Studio 
28 Judson Guerard Guerard Studios
28 Sally Guerard Guerard Studios
28 Bridget Van Remortel  
40 Courtney Dodd/Nickolaus Fruin Shaker and Salt
45 Shane Mickey Shane Mickey Pottery
48 David Ross Snow Creek Pottery
63 Sherrill Whitson Whitson’s Crafts
71 Shawn Ireland Shawn Ireland Studios
76 Gay Smith Gertrude Graham Smith Pottery
76 Sarah Holt Sarah Holt Ceramics
90 Mike Hayes & Amber Marshall  
97 Ron Slagle Slagle Studio
98 Connie Karleta Sales Crooked Little Flower Studios
98 Victoria Hicks Burnt Mountain Pottery
C Mica Gallery  


8 John Hartom  
8 Peg Gignoux  Gignoux  Art
8 Dana Moore Dana Moore Studio
16 Dennis McAvoy McAvoy Pottery
20 John D. Richards Yummy Mud Puddle
20 Claudia Dunaway Yummy Mud Puddle
30 Johnny Dean McCurry Howard House
44 J.R./Kristen Page Page Pottery
52 Kathryn Lynch Libby Clare Handmade
52 Deana Blanchard/Chuck Young Selena Glass & Metal
55 Tori Motyl Motyl Pottery
67 Richie Crowder Crowder Guitars
80 High Country Ceramic Arts High Country Ceramic Arts
81 Mark Woodham MW Studios
89 Lucinda Brogden Lucinda Brogden Studio
91 Jem Klein Jem Klein Studio
92 Judy Smith Triple Vision 
A Burnsville Toe River Arts Gallery  
J Green Mountain Farm  


7 William/Katherine Bernstein Bernstein Glass
23 Loretta Forde/David Wilson Toe River Studio Glass
27 Louise Grenell Grenell Studios
32 Rolf Holmquist Briarwood Studios
33 Sarah House SKH Pottery
33 Kathryn House  
38 Rob Levin Levin Glass
41 Pete/Kim McWhirter McWhirter Pottery
46 Paige Hamilton Davis Paige Hamilton Davis
46 Kenny Pieper Pieper Glass
49 Nancy Roth Fun & Funky Jewelry
49 Matt Willig MW Designs
50 Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky Rutkowsky Pottery
50 Michael Rutkowsky Rutkowsky Pottery
56 Charlie Smith Charlie Smith
61 Tria Turrou Tria Turrou Studios
61 Tzadi Turrou Tzadi Designs
62 Connie Schulze CS Designs
62 Jim Waters Jim Waters Encaustics
65 Buzz Coren Featherwood Works
69 Bridget Fox Mudventions
77 Yaffa/Jeff Todd Yaffa Todd & Jeff Todd Glass
84 Lynda Gayle Banner Little Blackberry Creek Pottery
D One of a Kind Gallery  
I Toe River Crafts  


2 Rhonda DeMatteis & Marvin Howard Penland Road Studio
5 Jon Ellenbogen/Rebecca Plummer Barking Spider Pottery
10 Edwina Bringle  
10 Cynthia Bringle Bringle Gallery
10 Pam Brewer Pam Brewer Studio
26 Daniel Essig Essig Studios
26 Vicki Essig Essig Studios
34 Lisa Joerling Joerling Studio
34 Nick Joerling Joerling Studio
47 Ronan Kyle Peterson Nine Toes Pottery
47 Teresa Pietsch Teresa Pietsch Pottery


9 Tim Tyndall/Karen Wylie Blue Ridge Soap Shed
35 Remy Hanemann/Ronnie Crutchfield/Kat Griffin Foxfire Metalworks
37 David Clemons/Marian Miller  
37 Matt Repsher  
53 Linda Sharpless Sharpless Pottery
57 Pat Gaines Little Creek Pottery
57 Betty Hall  
57 Annie Thayer  
57 Brenda Howell Sparks Musical Pottress
66 Jonathan Lee Biller Biller Glass
85 Kenneth Sedberry Sedberry Pottery
85 Galen Sedberry Sedberry Pottery
85 Colin O’Reilly Terrane Glass
G Spruce Pine Toe River Arts Gallery  
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