Imagine if there were no color in the schools, no art on the walls, on the sides of the buildings, along the road side. Imagine if there were no Arts presence in Mitchell and Yancey Counties—no music, theatre, visual opportunities, no kids learning how to tap into their creativity? That would be a world without the Toe River Arts Council. The arts affect the quality of life in our community. Your membership makes it possible for TRAC to offer a broad spectrum of arts education, entertainment, and services to Mitchell and Yancey Counties.  Support us at whatever level you can:

Free Student (high school)

$35              Individual

$60              Family

$75              Corporate

$100+         Bronze

$250+         Silver

$500+         Gold

$1,000+      Platinum

$2,500+      Director’s Circle

All memberships to the Toe River Arts Council are annual and good for one year from date of payment. And anyone can join. You don’t have to be an artist to understand the benefit arts play in the enrichment of a community and to support the programs that TRAC sponsors–for both young and old. Become a Member Now!  Please print out our Membership Application, contact one of our offices to request a membership form or email. Write us a check, call, or pay by PayPal below. We have more artists than in any other like region of the country. Makes it worth living here; makes it worth a visit or two. Show your support for that community by joining TRAC.

Thank you for your support!

Be sure to note that you are paying for your membership.

images Become a Volunteer! The Toe River Arts Council wouldn’t be the success it is today were it not for the folks who make it run, nearly all of them volunteers. With a small staff, we are dependent upon our volunteers. They host artist receptions, help with volunteer recruitment, serve on various committees, help with marketing, fundraising, community relations, and operational efforts (painting pedestals, cleaning up for…and after). Whatever your interests may be, we need you! Anything fit? Give us a call, 828.682.7215 or email. john

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