Nealy Andrews, Executive Director
Kathryn Andree, Exhibits Manager
Kate Groff, Marketing/Programs Manager
Laura Mitchell, Finance
Cassie Floan, Education Coordinator 

Mea Johnson, Social Media Coordinator



Burnsville/Spruce Pine Gallery:
Pat Benard
JoAnn Townsend
Sandy Verrill
Mary Ruth Webb

From left to right: JoAnn Townsend, Denise Cook, Mary Ruth Webb, Kathryn Andree, Cassie Floan, Laura Mitchell, Pat Benard
Not pictured: Sandy Verrill, Kate Groff (someone had to take the picture)





Dan Barron, President
Stacey Lane, Past President
Cynthia Sexton, Treasurer
Susan Garriques, Secretary



Conrad Leavitt
Rhea Ormond
Andy Palmer
Sandy Phillips
Linda Powell
Valerie Schnaufer
Yaffa Todd

From left: Robert Crum, Linda Powell (seated) Yaffa Todd, Rhea Ormond, Dan Barron, Nealy Andrews (seated) Susan Garriques, Stacey Lane, Andy Palmer




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