The Toe River Arts Council’s mission is to promote the arts in the two counties – Mitchell and Yancey. Because public facilities are not always available and we want to work with the community, our newest facility in Spruce Pine, the Arts Resource Center [ARC], is available for community and individual use in accordance with the following guidelines and procedures. This is a great open space with classroom facility available, refrigerator, sinks, microwave. It’s wheelchair accessible with a handicap parking space right in front of the door. Free WiFi. Padded folding chairs, 6′ tables (Great for meetings). And if you let us know a head of time, we can open the doors to the gallery/gift shop and let your guests view and purchase beautiful handcrafted pieces of art.

Great Room :

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Note : New padded chairs!


Arts Resource Center (ARC) Facility Rental And Use Guidelines

  1. POLICY STATEMENT When available, the Toe River Arts Council (TRAC) permits individuals, groups, and organizations to use its facilities for functions, meetings and events in order to facilitate public participation in the ARC Center and to advance the interests of TRAC through increased public support. Events hosted at TRAC’s ARC Center must be educationally based, public service-oriented, or may be private functions approved by the ARC Center and within the guidelines stipulated in this policy. Facilities may not be rented by any company or individual for fund-raising or promotional purposes; non-profit organizations may rent the facility for fundraising activities with the approval of the TRAC Board of Directors. Renters should be aware of the nature of the spaces they are using, and activities should be appropriate for such a setting. ARC Center facilities are limited and their use conditional as TRAC’s primary concern must be the appropriate care and safeguarding of its building and exhibitions. Thus, the ARC Center reserves the right to refuse facility rental due to concerns for the safety of the building, its holdings and/or conflicts with the goals and purposes of the ARC Center. Events must not compete with, or detract from, the Art Center’s ongoing public activities. Moreover, TRAC shall not be held liable, and organizations using the ARC Center shall waive all claims, for injury or damage to person or property sustained by said organization or any occupant of the ARC Center resulting from or during the event.
    • Highest priority is given to ensure public access to the TRAC gallery and works of art and to regularly scheduled ARC Center Events for the public.
    • Second priority is given for (1) events where art or artistic performances are an integral part of the event; (2) private events sponsored by TRAC contributors and members.
    • Third priority is given for events for other organizations, businesses or individuals.

    In order to ensure that TRAC’s primary mission is fulfilled, the number of rental events per month may be restricted.

    1. Room Rental Options and Fees
      • TRAC Great room
        • 1442 square feet; capacity: seats about 85
        • Business hours: $40/hour, $80 minimum
        • Non-business hours: $55/hour, $110 minimum
      • Classroom(Approximately 475 square feet, 2 sinks, white board)
        • Business Hours: $30 for 2 hours; $10/hr thereafter
        • Non-business hours: $45 for 2 hours; $15/hr thereafter
      • Entire ARC Center (all rooms above)
        • Business hours: $60/hour; $120 minimum
        • Non-business hours: $80/hour; $160 minimum
      • Events should be planned to be completed by 11:00 p.m. with take-down accomplished by midnight.
      • The ARC Center’s facilities are available for rent on holidays when the Art Center is closed to the general public at an increased fee set at the discretion of the director.
      • 20% discount offered to current TRAC members.
    2. Additional Fees The rental fee is for use of the space and regular furnishings in the ARC Center’s arrangement. Except as otherwise noted, one ARC Center staff member will be on duty during an event and the cost of such staff is included in the rental fee. It should be understood that the duties of ARC Center staff concern only the security of the site. In planning the event, should the ARC Center determine that additional staff, including professional security guards, are necessary to protect the ARC Center’s interest, fees for those services shall be paid in accordance with the schedule of fees maintained by the ARC Center director and shall be on the basis of actual hours, with a minimum of two (2) hours per employee.The TRAC director shall have the right to waive and/or adjust rental fees as appropriate for the Toe River Arts Council, arts-related organizations, community groups, and 501(c) organizations.
  4. PROCEDURESInquiries and application for rental use of the TRAC ARC Center should be made with the staff of TRAC (828-682-7215). At the time of application, and before any final decision may be made by the TRAC director, each organization or individual must provide full information concerning the type and purpose of the event being planned, as well as time, number of guests, name of caterer, name of individual or organization’s representative responsible for payment of fees and damages.Confirmation of the reservation for use of TRAC ARC facilities may be assumed only after receipt by TRAC’s director of a signed copy of the Short Term Use Agreement and the full rental fee. The agreement will be sent to the renter stating the date and nature of the event as well as the rental fee. When properly signed and returned to TRAC along with the full rental fee, and subsequently signed by the TRAC director, the Agreement shall serve as a binding agreement between the applicant and the TRAC ARC Center. A copy of the signed agreement will be sent to the renter. Use is restricted as stated in the Short Term Use Agreement, established time limits must be strictly adhered to, and any change must be approved in advance and in writing by the TRAC director or his/her representative.Rental fee is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation on the part of the renter, rental fee will be forfeited if notification of cancellation is made less than two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Download a copy of the Guidelines and an Application Form. TRAC mailing address:  TRAC, PO Box 882, Burnsville, NC 28714. ARC Address:  Toe River Arts Council, 269 Oak Avenue, Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Classroom :

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