The Toe River Valley

Destination Art

The Toe River Valley is one of the most memorable areas in the country. Meandering streams and rivers, impressive mountains, and inviting valleys make Mitchell and Yancey Counties a region of unparalleled beauty. In the summer, the rhododendron infuse the green hills with brilliant pinks and magenta. In winter, the air is so crisp it snaps, and snows quiet the landscape. Add into this diverse mix the number of trails (hiking, biking, heritage, quilt and on and on) and the over 400 artists who call this area home, and the Valley becomes a destination for visitors year round.

For over the past five years, TRAC and 18 other community organizations and local government agencies have met to work on the idea of branding the two-county region for its cultural assets. Success will improve the quality of life, encourage creative activity, foster strong community identity and sense of place, and revitalize economic development.

Through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Economic Development Agency, Samuel L. Phillips Family Foundation, The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, and John & Robyn Horn Foundation, the Toe River Arts Council, in collaboration with its partners, designers, consultants, and local artists, is putting the Toe River Valley on the map with new gateways to the area, wayfinding signage, an interactive online presence, and artist area identifiers.

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