Our year with Americans for the Arts (AFTA) study, Arts & Economic Prosperity 5,a national study measuring the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences is coming to an end. Our goal, as set by AFTA was 600; we received 700 from Mitchell and Yancey counties, and another 25 from Avery County. 

Also, AFTA collected detailed financial data about our local nonprofit arts and culture organizations such as our theater companies, museums, festivals, and arts education organizations in the three counties. 

TRAC gathered information on surveys from attendees at arts events using a short anonymous questionnaire that asks what they spent on meals, accommodations, and retail shopping specifically as a result of attending the event. Surveys were collected throughout the 2016 calendar year.

In June 2017, AFTA will issue a final report detailing the number of jobs and revenue that the arts and culture represent in the Toe River Valley. This specific information will be helpful in assisting individual arts organizations as they apply for grants from various governmental entities and others.

For further information, please contact Project Liaison Rob Heffron.