8 x 8


Beginning June 17 in our Spruce Pine Gallery, we’ll be reprising our 8 x 8 Exhibition held last year during the Auction. It was a great success and an idea to carry over to 2017.  The pieces will take over the entire gallery through July 7th. Any remaining works will travel to Burnsville and become part of the Silent Auction on Saturday, the 8th.

We’re asking for your help. Pick up an 8″ x 8″ frame at either gallery, take it home, create a work of art on either the front or the recessed under side, then bring it back as a donation to TRAC. We’ll sell each for $75; the monies raised will help with maintaining our Spruce Pine facility. You don’t have to be a painter to be creative. As long as we can attach a hanger and put it up on the wall.

Any questions, email or call 828.682.7215.

Thanks so much for your support of TRAC and helping with another 40 years.