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Paintings by Debra Carpenter



“Forest for the Trees”—paintings by Debra Carpenter is a brilliant cacophony of color and nature, and explodes in huge displays of color on the Burnsville Gallery walls.

Debra moved to Spruce Pine from St. Augustine in 2016. For years, she would work in her little house on the beach exploring color and discovering a new way to interpret the landscape. “My eyes were losing far sight. I noticed the way light ‘mosaics’ between the branches of trees. I painted that using the letters and light play…” When she decided it was time to make a move, she recalled the many trips to Penland with her mother and the wonderful area. A listing on Zillow drew her to Spruce Pine; she has “never been happier.”

“For many decades I experimented with interpretations of trees, from the focus on the way light through their limbs seemed to break into prisms, to color patterns thrown on fields like confetti. I played with background color and contrast; it seemed as if the limbs were afire…Painting is a communication, a reaching out, from the canvas to the artist to the viewer…a constant journey with an ever elusive destination. It is my hope, you, in viewing these selections, will also enjoy the ride.”