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[Open House, Saturday, March 25, 1-4:30pm]








From public to private to those schooled at home, work from students all over Yancey County cover the walls and pedestals, floor to ceiling with color and imagination. Student art is all about splashes of color and intriguing ways of capturing perceptions in artistic forms. The shows promise to delight the senses. TRAC views arts education as one of the basics of its mission. Involvement in the arts results in gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills. Experiencing the arts first hand improves motivation, concentration, confidence, and promotes a teamwork mentality. Merely opening young eyes to new ways of seeing creates the foundation to forge social bonds and community.

And big thanks to mixed media artist True Kelly who blankets the windows in the Burnsville Gallery with photographs from students past having fun with art.

We celebrate the work of the hardworking Yancey art teachers—Marcia Huskins for grades K-5, Keli Miller at the middle schools, and Christy Edwards at Mountain Heritage High. These individuals spend the entire year developing curriculum-based projects and teaching arts to over 3,000 students. These exhibits continue to confirm their dedication to their students and their support of arts in education. 

Step into a warmth of color at the Burnsville Gallery with the Annual Student Showcase.