102 West Main Street  Burnsville  NC  28714
828.682.7215 / 828.682.9015
10:30AM to 5:00PM Tuesday – Saturday



MAY 19 – JUNE 16
reception : may 18
5 to 7pm

Come celebrate the installation of the first of six glass Gateway Towers and the seven glass artists—Courtney Dodd, Loretta Forde, Nick Fruin, Rob Levin, Kenny Pieper, David Wilson, and Hayden Wilson—who helped to make it happen.

From left: Nick Fruin, Courtney Dodd, Rob Levin, Kenny Pieper, Hayden Wilson, David Wilson, Loretta Forde

In the winter of 2015, these glass artists got together at Penland and began blowing hundreds of small glass hollows—red, gold, blue, purple, serrated, smooth, dabbled, oblong, round, serpentine. And when they were done, the “orbs” were boxed up and stored behind the Toe River Arts Gallery in Burnsville. In June, they will be taken out to fill a 22’ tower that will stand at the east entrance to town. This first of six “telescopes” will serve as a welcome to visitors, a recognition of the arts in our counties, and as a light into the future of our region.

Learn about the process and how it is all coming together in this small town in rural Western North Carolina.

After the orbs were blown, stored and put away, a full-sized “telescope” had to be made and metalworker, Remy Hanemann with assistance from partner Kat Bouchelle, were asked to take up the task. Remy will also have his work on display with a second iteration prototype. Kat will show her bronze casting necklaces.  AN EXHIBIT NOT TO MISS!


Remy Hanemann

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