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Mary Ruth Webb


reception :

december 15
5pm to 7pm


Mary Ruth Webb is an artist. Her show Conversions marks the end of the year at the Toe River Arts Burnsville Gallery with an expressive display of determination, and talent. Webb is a sculptor, bookmaker, and two-dimensional and digital artist. Her work draws you in, causes you to think, ask a question. Yet, at the same time, her images engage your eyes with the beauty of detail.

You want to peek behind her wall work, flip the page in her handmade books just to see the back of the piece. Corresponding large clay sculptures on pedestals that anchor the room coupled with a balancing smaller series on the other side gives you that opportunity of becoming part of the whole.

“My work is evolutionary. It represents my personal transition to freedom from the stifling existence of the female role in my family of origin. The work reflects my journey from a childhood of fear- and shamed-based religious fundamentalism to the freedom of my own hard-won spirituality. The exhibit reflects my belief that one cannot find inner peace as the result of influences from others and that it cannot be genuine if it comes from someone else’s belief system. 

“Conversions expresses both the subject matter and the working modes involved in creating my sculptures…from drawings, both traditional and digital, to the ceramic pieces, and vice-versa.”

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