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10:30AM to 5:00PM Tuesday – Saturday



Jill Eberle | Kiki Farish | Jane Harrison | Jerry Jackson


reception Saturday, July 15, 5 to 7pm


Jerry Jackson, artist

Jerry Jackson “Roof”


Jane Harrison “Hybrid Map”


One of the Arts Council’s most compelling 2-dimensional exhibitions.
“Inheritance” will feature the works of Jill Eberle, Kiki Farish, Jane Wells Harrison, and Jerry Jackson. Each has a story to tell about their relationship with East Carolina University master painting professor, Paul Hartley who died in 2010. Not unlike hundreds of other successful artists, these four artists benefited from his artistry. In his own few words, Jerry reflected that “He was a masterful teacher who possessed clarity of insight, which he could impart with few words…a teacher, mentor and friend.”

In January 2016, Jill, Kiki, Jane, and Jerry reunited for two weeks in a Winter Residency at Penland School of Crafts. They spent hours connecting, creating and conducting critiques, which gave light to new ways of work, new materials, fresh ideas, and a welcomed realignment of friendships that will be on display in this exhibit.

Included is one of Paul Hartley’s large-scale paintings, My Room is Turning.  Lee Hansley, Raleigh art dealer who represented Hartley said, “He has influenced more young artists than anyone in North Carolina’s university system. That will be his legacy…” And this is the four artists’ homage to that legacy.





Jill Eberle “Yellow Bellied”


Kiki Farish “Asherah”