269 Oak Avenue  Spruce Pine  NC  28777
10:30AM to 5:00PM Tuesday – Saturday




[Reception Friday, March 3, 4-6pm]

Over the past school year, students have let their creativity flow into works on paper and canvas, in clay and in fiber, with stones and sequins, beads and baubles, and they present it all to the community in this dazzling exhibition. Student art is all about splashes of color and intriguing ways of capturing perceptions in artistic forms. The shows promise to delight the senses.  Experiencing the arts first hand improves motivation, concentration, confidence, and promotes a teamwork mentality. Merely opening young eyes to new ways of seeing creates the foundation to forge social bonds and community.

And each year, mixed media artist True Kelly festoons a corner of the Spruce Pine Gallery with memories of workshops, classes, afternoons and fun times with the young people in our community.

We celebrate and give a hardy thanks to the work of the hardworking art teachers in Mitchell County—Amy Masterman at Greenlee primary, Leslie Dickerson on the elementary level, Olivia Ellis in the middle schools, and Melisa Caddell at Mitchell High. 

Get out of the misty cold. Step into a hullabaloo of warm color. On March 3 (with a snow day on the 10th), Arts Matter, a consortium of arts professions in Mitchell County, will host a free and open to the public reception at the Spruce Pine Gallery from 4 to 6pm.