Toe River Arts Artist Applications & Opportunities

Deadline to apply: March 14, 2020 by 5:00pm

Guideline and Application Links:
2020 Toe River Arts Gift Shop Jury Application

  • To jury for Toe River Arts gift shop representation, you must be a Toe River Arts member.
  • Only current residents of Avery, Mitchell & Yancey Counties are eligible.
  • All work must be handmade and original. Prints and greeting cards are accepted and will be determined on individual bases.
  • Artists may apply in more than one medium; however, a separate application is required for each.
  • Individual artists producing collaborative work must jury in separately.
  • Support items that must accompany the application are:
    • Resume
    • Artist statement
    • Signed contract
    • Original artwork (maximum of 3)

Incomplete application packages will not be accepted.
Applicants will be notified by e-mail by the end of April. Artwork submitted with this application and are accepted will be inventoried into one of our two gift shops. If not accepted, submitted artwork must be picked up on dates included in the notification.

For more information, please contact Exhibit Manager, Kathryn Andre at 828.765.0520


Deadline to apply: March 21, 2020 by 5:00pm
Work delivered: March 17-21
Exhibition dates: March 28 – April 25, 2020
Awards ceremony reception: Fri., April 24, 5-7pm

To Submit work email Exhibit Manager, Kathryn Andree by March 21 with details about the work you will display. We will only accept two pieces from each artist, exceptions being small hand tools or jewelry. Work should be delivered to the Spruce Pine gallery, 269 Oak Ave. between March 17-21. Gallery hours are 10:30am-5pm. Shipping costs are
the responsibility of the artist. There will be a small space in the gallery for weekend artists, but work must be delivered before the reception.

For more information, please contact Exhibit Manager, Kathryn Andre at 828.765.0520


Deadline to apply: March 28, 2020 by 5:00pm

Guideline and Application Links:
2021 Toe River Arts Exhibit Proposal Application

Toe River Arts has a large exhibit space in the Spruce Pine Facility, 269 Oak Avenue. Throughout the year we offer five annual exhibits; two Studio Tour Preview exhibits, the Annual Blacksmith exhibit, the Student Showcase, and our Annual Juried exhibit. This leaves openings for 2 proposed 4-6 weeks exhibits. There are no longer revolving exhibits in the Burnsville gallery. It is a permanent 2D gallery. Please visit the Spruce Pine gallery to familiarize yourself with the space before submitting your proposal.

We feature both local and nationally recognized artists in our exhibit space. Shows generally run 4-6 weeks. Toe River Arts exhibits can feature one or more artists, or an arts organization. Cooperative exhibits that also include 2D and 3D work are encouraged. Toe River Arts reserves the right to arrange such where deemed appropriate and with mutual approval by both artists.

  • If submitting a proposal with more than one artist (a collaborative exhibit), all participating artist information must be included in the proposal, along with pertinent data asked for in the application and high resolution (no less than 300 dpi) digital images of their work.
  • If you are an organization submitting, we require high-resolution digital images and pertinent information about your organization and all participating artists that reflect the intention of the exhibit.

 The sample contract will tell you what responsibilities are expected from both Toe River Arts and the Artist. We hope this information helps you in your decision to apply.

 Applications must include:

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume(s)
  3. Artist Statement(s)
  4. Other supportive materials (articles, recommendations, etc.)
  5. Images that are representative of the work you intend to exhibit (only high resolution in jpg format will be accepted)

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Drop off your application at either gallery location or mail to Toe River Arts, 269 Oak Ave., Spruce Pine, NC 28777. Applications and images can also be sent digitally to Kathryn Andree  

Decisions on proposals are made by a panel of artists, Toe River Arts staff, and knowledgeable and interested members. Panel changes from year to year. Toe River Arts maintains the right of refusal of any or all proposals. Toe River Arts may make suggestions to help make your exhibit fit Toe River Arts exhibit standards. Artists will receive proposal determinations no later than July 1, 2019.

For more information, please contact Exhibit Manager, Kathryn Andree at 828.765.0520


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