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TRAC is hosting the Third Annual Toe River Arts Juried Show. Deadline for this year’s competition is August 2, 2017. The exhibition will run from October 7 – November 4 at the Spruce Pine TRAC Gallery. Competition is open to artists 18 who reside in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, South or North Carolina. Prizes total $2,000. For more information, please call 828.682.7215 or email. Applications will be available at the end of January. 

Last year’s juror, Sherry Masters, had this to say about her task,“There were so many wonderful entries. It was a challenge to select pieces from all the great entries. I love how this exhibition has such a variety of mediums and themes—from whimsical and playful to serious and thoughtful subjects.” This year’s juror to be announced.

An awards reception and ceremony will be held on Friday, October 13 at the Spruce Pine Gallery.


rutkowsky_blackrimmedbowl_1FIRST PLACE: MICHAEL RUTKOWSKY
Black Rim Bowl

“This piece struck me as soon as I entered the room today. It makes a very bold, strong statement. when you get up close you see the beauty in the variations in the glaze; the detail on the back side; the perfect rim. the size is impressive, and the professionalism in the options of display—using a complimentary iron display stand or ability to hang up is both thoughtful and shows attention to detail.”

kransbergeradifferentperspective_2SECOND PLACE: JAN KRANSBERGER
A Different Perspective

“Even though the piece portrays a figure laying down with legs straight up, I found this a very soothing piece. The color gradation in the glass and the soft curves of the figure are wonderful. The message in the title can speak to many situations thus allowing the viewer to relate on a lot of levels.”

carpenter_redbirchinsnow_3THIRD PLACE: DEBRA CARPENTER
Red Birch in Snow

“I liked the depth shown in this painting—love the colors and found them very harmonious and surprisingly cheerful for a winter theme. I believe there’s a hidden message in the trees…it seems like words are written across the tree trunks in the way the colors are composed.”


Seeking Light

“This piece is so thoughtfully arranged, makes a peaceful statement in the natural dyes on a natural material.  Beautifully finished and framed. The pieces sections work together to tell a story.”

friend_thethoughtofyou_hmAMY FRIEND
The Thought of You–Your Trust in Me

“Love the daring, confidence in the bird (feature theme of the piece); the clean bold lines and the beauty of the detail.”


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Above: Gay Smith, Ellie Richards, Juror Sherry Masters and TRAC Board President, Simona Rosasco, Robert Mahosky, Beau Lyday

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