Giving Tuesday is November 27. A day when folks who may have spent in the brick and mortars on Friday, rested on Saturday, only to hit Cyber Monday full on. Giving Tuesday gives us an opportunity to support those organizations who offer intangibles we all need for a full, whole life—that experience that makes us grow, makes us a community.

Toe River Arts has been working to connect arts and the community for over 40 years. Today, with two facilities we’ve become a destination for those seeking an arts experience, whether it be at a studio off the beaten path, a gallery downtown, or along a winding mountain road. They come for the people, the place.

As the only gallery in Burnsville, we offer people a start on their journey of the arts into Yancey and Mitchell counties. Our 100-year old building hosts work from professional artists in three counties and is a first look at what’s within and beyond the town limits. This coming year, we will be using the current exhibit area as a year-round, 2-dimensional showcase for our juried gift shop artists. We want to show the phenomenal work that is done in our Toe River Arts region. But our space is growing darker. Old tracks with older light fixtures that just don’t work anymore.



Costs for 30 new lighting fixtures/lights in Burnsville, $450


And in Spruce Pine, there just isn’t enough lighting on the work. Our exhibits are getting more bigger, more innovative and requiring more attention.






Costs for 20 new lighting fixtures/lights/upgrades in Spruce Pine, $300


And over in our second floor facility in Spruce Pine, we host classes, exhibits, special events. And we’re renting more and more to folks needing an accessible space—not too big, not too small—for parties, shows, their own events. But folks at the far end of the Dottie Owen Great Room/Gallery are in the shadows. We’ve gotten the estimate to install additional lighting banks along the front and front/center of the space and need your help to light up the room. 








Track lighting/installation in Dottie Owen Great Room/Gallery (2nd floor of the facility), $ 3850

We’re all about community and reaching out and bringing about an understanding and appreciation of the arts. We need to put some light on the subject. And we want to keep it all LED energy efficient. Please help us make Toe River Arts shine!

Follow us on Facebook each Tuesday and remember to donate beginning at 8am on “Giving Tuesday”, November 27. 



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