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The Journey

Hugging the curves of the mountains of Western North Carolina is Toe River Arts, one of the most significant concentrations of artists in the nation. Here you will find the journey of the arts and the art of the journey inextricably intertwined.


All artists are wanderers. Searching for inspiration. Pushing boundaries. And all lovers of art are seekers. Searching for the perfect piece or performance or prose. For all, art “making it, pursuing it and understanding it” is the road, the destination and the journey.


We achieve our mission to unite the community and artists through events held at our galleries and exhibition spaces as well as by hosting local organizations for community events.

Burnsville Gareway

Burnsville Gateway

Burnsville’s Gateway project is a key part of the NC Arts Council’s SmART Community focusing on arts-driven economic development strategies to build stronger economies and communities. The proposed artwork will showcase the work of local resident, regional, and national artists.

Journey of the Arts | Art of the Journey