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Exhibitions and Events

The Bringle Project Documentary Film

As you well know, Cynthia and Edwina Bringle have led storied lives as craftspeople in the South, producing remarkable works of art, mentoring a vast community of makers, and sharing what they know with students, visitors, and collectors at every turn. They have been anchors in the studio craft movement from the 1960s to the present and enabled others to carry those traditions forward. It is this story that Toe River Arts wishes to tell in a documentary video to be created by Vincent Martinez, a Cuban-born, Atlanta-based producer. Vincent was selected not only for his past work and expertise, but also as a former Penland Core Fellow who knows the Bringles personally. He has directly experienced the historic role played by the Bringles in the life of Penland for over 50 years.


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We’re excited to announce our move to a new Yancey County location!

We have been working with Lynn Austin and Yancey County to secure our new home!

We are so excited about this partnership and want to thank Lynn, Yancey County, and the Commissioners for believing in our vision and willingness to renovate the space to showcase the work of our talented artist community.

A special Thank You to Jamie with the Yancey County Economic Development Commission for his support!

Please visit the New Burnsville project for occasional project updates and please visit one of our Saturday Pop Up shops! We will release this schedule soon.
We appreciate the support of our community of artists and look forward to better showcasing their work.
We’re excited to see you soon in our new space!

Martin Stankus
Tin Roof Pottery

Martin Stankus of Tin Roof Pottery creates one of his unique, saggar-fired vessels.
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Saggar Firing Process

The term saggar traditionally refers to a ceramic container in which a pot is placed to create a reduction chamber during the firing process.

For my saggar fired pieces I use aluminum foil as the container to enclose the firing fumes that create the surface decoration on the pot. A mix of sugar, seaweed, copper wire, tree leaves, fern fronds, and iron chloride is placed on the pot surface which is then carefully wrapped in aluminum foil.

Video credit by Martha J Moore

Meet the Toe River Artists and Galleries


Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin is a studio potter living and working in the mountains of North Carolina near Penland.  She grew up just outside of New York City on Long Island.  Martin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of New Mexico. After graduating, Martin moved to western North Carolina to work with Terry Gess, Cynthia Bringle, Shawn Ireland and apprentice for Michael Kline (2003-2004). In 2007, Martin was awarded the NC Regional Artists Project Grant to build a wood fired cross draft climbing kiln (Ruggles and Rankin design). In July 2010,

3224 Snow Creek Road – Bakersville, North Carolina 28705
Daily, by appointment only: 828.467.1414
courtneypots@gmail.com – courtneymartinpottery.com – IG: @courtneymartinpotter



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