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Toe River Arts | 2020 Online Benefit Auction

Thank you so much for your support! We were able to meet our goal for our education programming fundraiser and raised $7,833 in operational funds.

Thank you to all of our artists who donated work for the auction:
Garold Amsberry, Bill Brown, Debra Carpenter, Carrie DeVee, Nathan Favors, Loretta Forde and David Wilson, Lisa Gluckin, Becky Gray, Bea Hensley, Sarah Holt, Jerry Jackson, Hasui Kawase, Beth Kokol, Delphia Lamberson, Robin Martindale, Dennis McAvoy, Jeff McDowell, Mary Mikkelsen and Henry Pope, Aldina Nash-Hampe, JR and Kristen Page, Gaylene Petcu, Kenny Pieper, Linda Powell, Melanie Risch, Nena Rowell, Rutkowsky Pottery, Valerie Schnaufer, Martin Stankus, Noah Styles, Yaffa and Jeff Todd, Kat Turczyn, Jim Waters, and Mark Woodham.