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Toe River Arts | Clay

Kim & Pete McWhirter

139 Red Clay Road
Burnsville, North Carolina 28714
Open daily
In operation since 1963, McWhirter Pottery is the oldest pottery studio in Yancey County. Kim and Pete McWhirter continue the tradition of craftsmanship begun by Pete’s parents over 50 years ago. McWhirter Pottery is known for its thin drinking lip and durability, and is food and oven safe. Mixing their own clay and nontoxic glazes from raw materials, the McWhirters give a truly unique quality to their work. Their style incorporates both function and art in a wide variety of tableware as well as stand alone decorative and collectable pieces including vases and face jugs. Each piece is wheel thrown, signed, dated and hand decorated using sgraffitto, brushwork, carving, sculpting and other techniques.




View all of Kim & Pete McWhirter’s work for sale on our online store here.

Kim & Pete McWhirter
Pottery Bowl
Kim & Pete McWhirter